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A Word About Event Ticketing
Here at Brimstone, we offer not only the best in entertainment events, but also some of the best riding trails you will find!  As we provide this dual offering, it is important to understand how our event ticketing and ride permits are purchased.
Important Note:  Due to the nature of our entertainment events, all attendees of an event must have a valid ride permit.
Ride Permits and Event Tickets may be purchased on our website by clicking below to ‘Proceed to Tickets.’
Our ride permits are available for 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, 4 day, weekly and annual access.
If you ALREADY HAVE a Ride Permit
Our ticketing form will identify you (by name and birthday) and will not require an additional ride permit to be purchased in order to buy the event pass.
Note:  Your ride permit must cover the date of the event to purchase an event ticket.
If you DO NOT HAVE a Ride Permit
You will be required to purchase a ride permit as well as your event ticket.
Note: Your ride permit must cover the date of the event to purchase an event ticket.

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